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Self-Managed NDIS Counselling

Welcome to Annette Tavitian, a highly qualified and experienced counsellor with a deep understanding of the NDIS process. Annette specialises in providing self-managed NDIS counselling, empowering individuals with the flexibility and control to shape their therapy journey according to their unique needs.

Meet Annette

Annette is a licensed counsellor with a Bachelor of Counselling and years of experience in helping clients navigate through various life challenges. Her expertise lies in providing personalised, compassionate support, tailored to each individual’s circumstances and goals.

Understanding Self-Managed NDIS Counselling

Self-managed NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) counselling is a service designed to give you greater control over your therapy journey. Unlike other NDIS counselling services where decisions are made by a plan manager or the NDIS, self-managed counselling allows you to choose your therapist, schedule sessions at your convenience, and receive support that is specifically catered to your unique needs and objectives. You will need to check that counselling support is available with your plan.

The Benefits of Self-Managed NDIS Counselling

Choosing self-managed NDIS counselling with Annette provides several key advantages:

Control: You have the freedom to choose Annette as your therapist, ensuring a good fit based on her qualifications, approach, and your comfort level.

Flexibility: With control over scheduling, you can arrange sessions when they work best for you.

Personalised Support: Annette offers counselling that is tailored to your individual needs and goals, ensuring that you receive the most effective support possible.

Success Stories

Annette has successfully guided numerous clients through their self-managed NDIS counselling journeys. From individuals dealing with anxiety and depression to those recovering from trauma or navigating significant life changes, Annette’s personalised approach has helped clients achieve improved emotional health and well-being.

Prioritise Your Emotional Health

Investing in your emotional health is crucial. With self-managed NDIS counselling, you can take an active role in your healing process, ensuring that the support you receive is truly aligned with your needs.

Ready to embark on your self-managed NDIS counselling journey? Book a session with Annette Tavitian today and take the first step towards improved emotional well-being.