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I'm Annette. I'm an Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Counsellor based in West Gosford, Australia.

My mission is to help women and men who have experienced emotional and narcissistic abuse, understand and breakthrough the trauma and patterns of abuse as a result of relationship breakdown, separation or divorce.

Narcissistic Personality (NPD)

Providing expert guidance and therapeutic strategies to help individuals recover from the trauma of narcissistic abuse, regain their self-esteem, and build healthier future relationships.
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Self-Esteem Issues

Rebuilding your self-esteem, helping you recognize your strengths and value. Empowering you to make positive changes, set healthy boundaries, and regain control over your lives.
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Trauma and PTSD

Offering specialized counselling and coaching services to help individuals heal from the damaging effects of narcissistic abuse and navigate the journey towards recovery.
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Providing effective therapeutic methods to help individuals overcome anxiety-related issues often triggered by narcissistic abuse, promoting mental well-being and recovery.
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Assisting individuals in breaking free from unhealthy relationship patterns and fostering independence, often a critical step in recovering from narcissistic abuse.
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Providing support and coping strategies to individuals dealing with the emotional trauma of divorce, particularly when it involves recovery from narcissistic abuse.
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My Process

I approach therapy from a trauma-informed perspective.

My approach is rooted in empathy, understanding, and empowerment, and everyone has the strength and resilience to overcome this. Narcissistic Abuse can be incredibly challenging to overcome without the right support. I approach therapy from a trauma-informed perspective, as many individuals who have experienced narcissistic abuse may have underlying trauma.

I offer a range of therapies and support services that are tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs and goals, including boundary setting, communication coaching, and one-on-one counseling.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can support you on your journey towards healing and recovery.

Healed Clients
narcissistic abuse recovery counselling
annette tavitian narcissistic abuse counselling

Annette made me feel comfortable and free to get things off my chest in the first 5 minutes of meeting. 4 sessions later I feel so much lighter every time I speak to her. She’s amazing!


Annette has been very easy to deal with, effective, accomodating with times. Very happy.


Annette, you’ve really helped me recognise the toxic behaviour of my ex, and how he treats me is emotional abuse. The boundary setting especially has helped me become more confident. It’s great having your support, and knowing you won’t turn me away if I need to talk.

Kathy McDonald

Annette is a driven person who has the ability to make even Zoom calls feel personal. She is genuine in her caring for her clients and their goals from the very first Discovery call. If you are lucky enough to have her on your side, you will see significant improvements to yourself!

Sovi Nicole Herring