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What I Do

I'm Annette, and I offer professional help to those who need assistance in recovering from emotional abuse.

I'm Annette, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Counsellor. I work with adults suffering the trauma of emotional abuse. Common issues are family, friends, spouse and ex partners.

I am a dedicated and compassionate therapist with a focus on helping individuals overcome the trauma of narcissistic abuse. I have developed a deep understanding and empathy of the unique challenges that come with recovering from Narcissistic Abuse. I am committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where they can talk about the Narcissist, they can process their experiences, heal their wounds, and rebuild their lives with purpose.

Annette Tavitian

Counsellor & Influencer Coach

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Special Free Seminar

Let's talk about You.

Recovery doesn't have a singular face to it. Every person has a different story, and a different path that they must take. Maybe you aren't too sure what to expect with a narcissistic abuse counsellor as you take steps to change your life into something that you wake up loving.

Join me, and our growing community of people every Thursday at 5pm for our weekly dig down, where we spend one hour a week, to change your life.

narcissistic abuse recovery counselling

That little 'something' we all need...

Have you been gaslighted by a Narcissist?

Confusion, disorientation, second guessing yourself, low self esteem and lack of self worth.. are all caused by the impacts of gaslighting.

No, you’re not crazy. Smart psychological tactics used by the abuser are designed to coerce and manipulate you into remaining in the relationship. Intimidation, lying, unfaithfulness, isolation and financial control are just a few of the tactics used by the abuser.

Through validation of your experience(s), I sensitively navigate the manipulation, offering you a chance to tell your story. Together I help you build strategies for healthier responses and boundary setting, as well as helping you come to terms with the ways gaslighting has manifested in your life.

I have extensive experience working with clients who have experienced Narcissistic Abuse (both personal and through working with clients). I specialise in working with women who have left emotionally abusive relationships, and help them with their recovery.

The 4 Step Process
Lives Changed

Annette made me feel comfortable and free to get things off my chest in the first 5 minutes of meeting. 4 sessions later I feel so much lighter every time I speak to her. She’s amazing!


Annette has been very easy to deal with, effective, accomodating with times. Very happy.


Annette, you’ve really helped me recognise the toxic behaviour of my ex, and how he treats me is emotional abuse. The boundary setting especially has helped me become more confident. It’s great having your support, and knowing you won’t turn me away if I need to talk.

Kathy McDonald

Annette is a driven person who has the ability to make even Zoom calls feel personal. She is genuine in her caring for her clients and their goals from the very first Discovery call. If you are lucky enough to have her on your side, you will see significant improvements to yourself!

Sovi Nicole Herring

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